What is charity in eyed child.

24.06.2013 14:20

What is charity in eyed child.

First, let's think we are adults, what charity? Some might talk about it for hours, looking up to heaven, and nothing in fact not doing. Some create foundations, unions that do not work, but for example - just to have it paid dividends. We, the adults, all veiled and very complicated. But we complicate simple things! Elementary, truthfully, with hand on heart can say two, just in a nutshell, what the charity. It's - good effect. This is - a good assignment to us adults and such experienced.

Very often we look and wonder how sincere are children, is not it? Tears - genuine, joy and delight - are genuine. As we enjoy these emotions! And all because they are simply true. And yet we vikorenilos then that child feel when you're happy that someone is good with you. In children, it is still not defiled, frail and so it is necessary.

Any child, it is a trustworthy environment or not, we need enough basic things. Even a child who is growing somewhere in the orphanage, and the ordinary, the average happy family, needs love and understanding from their parents, from the surrounding adults - teachers, doctors, passers-by ...

Let's do an experiment, standing on the spot a little man. Let's try to talk to the child's language.

"I like so much to learn in this school! It - the best, and my teacher, as a second mother! "Or," I'll do it myself, because I was taught that my dear grandmother and grandfather. " "I was an unknown woman in the street helped advice when I did not know where to go, could not be found out and she smiled at me!". "My mother said that I helped to recover the good people of Fairy Tales" .... Such examples can cause a lot. Children know how to enjoy, and trust me - know how to appreciate the good. They subconsciously, nothing else distinguishes the very weedy - good our action.

Seemingly simple word "charity" for a child - it's a whole world of good and light, where it protect from fear and misery. To do this, and there we adults need to understand that the structures involved in helping children, should be only those people who know how to love them and create them good.

And one more thing.

Adults will sometimes let children. Let us remain something unique and real!