Second blitz of kickboxing WPKA stars tournament battles

26.09.2012 15:26

Second blitz of  kickboxing  WPKA  stars  tournament battles

Second blitz of kickboxing  WPKA  stars  tournament battlesinthe Kickboxing Union of  Ukraine program  "For Ukraine Without Childhood Diseases" was held September 20, 2012 in Kiev Boxing Hall FC "Atletico".

           Thischarity sports festival in Kiev gathered kickboxing WPKA best athletes from seven regions of Ukraine, which greatly increased the competition authority and importanceofcharityhelp forreally sick children.

          Fanfare heralded the release gladiators fight, judges and organizators, and fans and guests applauded entering onthe ringatheletsand all who made it possible happen.

          Four world champion had to meet with athletes which never met before,and thewinnerof  the battle meetings was not predictable.

          From the first fight, fireworks of emotions began, high level reseivingsand upscale men's competition for the win. All fights were so intense that only the lastand an additional round were crucial in the battle of the Titans, for winning individual schools,for the name to be the strongest, for the goal "For Ukraine without childhood diseases." Collected donations were given to thefatherofHlobov Timofey, who isseriously ill on hemophilia.And wishes from everybody to recover.


1. 2:1  Ogirok Vitaliy (Ternopil) Oriental 65 kg- Garda Evgen (Melytopol)

2. 3:0 Zaselyan Dmytro (Kyiv) Full-contact 60kg- Sheshyn Kostyantyn (Dnyprodzerzhynsk)

3. 3:0 Orlov Andriy (Severodonetsk) Low-kick75 kg– Gavrylyak Mykola (Lviv)

4. 3:0 Vlasenko Roman (Chernihiv) Full-contact 70kg– Rebryk Denys (Zaporizhzhya)

Anyone who is able to help, can breathe lifeof hopeinto the motto "For Ukraine without childhood diseases."